Released in November 2005, Burt Bacharach's disc At This Time garnered plenty of attention, if not praise, from critics who had a hard time believing that the dean of soft-pop love-song tunesmiths would do an album full of political-protest lyrics. Many of those lyrics were contributed by none other than Tonio K., who's credited on the following songs:
  • Who Are These People?
  • Is Love Enough?
  • Can't Give It Up
  • Go Ask Shakespeare
  • Always Taking Aim

 The original version of the disc was one of about 50 Sony/BMG titles containing a spyware program that would install itself on any computer used to play the CD. Someone oughta write a protest song about that! Furthermore, Tonio observes, At This Time "actually won a Grammy ... for best instrumental album. Some career I'm having, eh?"